Mookie Betts Gets Thrown At, Proceeds To Hit 5th Home Run In Last 7 At Bats


The Baltimore Orioles should take a leaf out of Pedro Martinez’s book, and tip their cap to Mookie Betts and call him their daddy.

But no, apparently they don’t plan on it. Mookie led off today’s game with a home run, after knocking three, (THREE!) out of the park yesterday. This led Mike Wright to throw high and tight to Mookie.

This is the softest, and most cowardly move I’ve ever seen. Mookie just took you deep for the 4th time in his last 6th at-bats, so you throw at his head? Maybe Goose Gossage would approve, but nobody in this league can defend Wright throwing at Mookie in that situation. Wright may draw some Noah Syndergaard comparisons, but the situations are completely different. Syndergaard was setting the tone in a World Series game, and Wright was sad that his team has no idea how to keep Mookie in the ballpark.

No worries though, Mookie Betts slapped Wright and the rest of Showalter’s Clown Squad in the face with another home run. That’s 5 home runs in 7 at bats. Mookie Betts, I have no words for you.