If MLB’s Top 100 Prospects Were Backyard Baseball Characters


If you looked at the child hood of a baseball lover (probably over the age of 18), chances are half of their youth was spent playing baseball in the back yard, and the other half playing backyard baseball. So Paige thought hmm, what if today’s MLB’s top 100 prospects were backyard baseball characters. Who would they be?

Los Angeles Dodgers SS, Corey Seager = Stephanie Morgan

backyard baseball charactersBesides the obvious difference in gender, these two have a lot in common. Both are the top shortstops for their respective groups. These two are not only extremely skilled, but also extremely smart when it comes to baseball. There are just some people who are born to play shortstop. In my opinion, both Seager and Morgan could be compared to that of Carlos Correa.

Washington Nationals RHP, Lucas Giolito = Angela Delvecchio

backyard baseball charactersBoth right-handers are wizards on the mound. The best of the best! As Backyard Baseball describes Delvecchio: “all that AND a bag of chips”. Plus their Italian heritage already makes them bffs.

New York Mets 1B, Dominic Smith = Billy Jean Blackwood

backyard baseball charactersBoy can these two hit! Aside from their obvious physical differences, these two are great at what they do and are people you should keep an eye on.

Texas Rangers 3B, Joey Gallo = Sally Dobbs

backyard baseball charactersBoth provide great power and defense at the hot corner. Standing at 6’5”, Gallo has tremendous strength just like that of Dobbs. Both players do struggle sometimes at the plate but definitely make up for it at third base.

Boston Red Sox 2B, Yoan Moncada = Achmed Khan

backyard baseball charactersBoth Moncada and Khan are considered the “popular kids” in baseball. Moncada is the most talked about Cuban prospect since Jorge Soler. Both players have raw talent that is tough to find these days. Moncada and Khan are amazing defensively but at the same time are not afraid to barrel a ball right out of the park.

Texas Rangers OF, Lewis Brinson = Pete Wheeler

backyard baseball charactersBrinson and Wheeler both have power and speed that is tough to beat. Wheeler is one of the fastest runners in Backyard Baseball and Brinson is one of the fastest on the Top 100 list. To make them even more similar, Brinson is learning how to play center field. Maybe Wheeler can show him a few tricks.

Pittsburgh Pirates OF, Austin Meadows = Jocinda Smith

backyard baseball charactersMeadows is an advanced hitter much like that of Jocinda Smith. Both fielders could really play any position in the outfield.

Cleveland Indians OF, Bradley Zimmer = Annie Frazier

backyard baseball charactersThese left-handed batters are nothing to overlook. Both are well-rounded players, having skills in many different areas. Their speed is definitely an asset; Zimmer had 44 stolen bases in 51 attempts last season.

Philadelphia Phillies C, Jorge Alfaro = Mikey Thomas

Backyard baseball charactersBoth players have two great tools: a power arm and a power bat. Really the only reason I feel that Thomas would be a catcher is because of his arm and the build of his body, but Alfaro was definitely born to be a catcher.

*Notice no one compares to that of Pablo Sanchez. That kid is ridiculous.


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