If MLBs Top 100 Prospects Were Backyard Baseball Characters


Oops, I did it again! Have you ever wondered who this years’ top prospects would be if they were characters in Backyard Baseball? Look no further!

Andrew Benintendi, Red Sox CF — Mikey Thomas

These lefty center fielders are polarizing players. Benintendi and Thomas are power hitters and have rockets as arms in the outfield. You may not be threatened by either ball players’ physical stature (Benintendi 5’10” 170lb. and Thomas acts like a 3-year-old and has the body of a catcher), but Benintendi has incredibly strong wrists and quick hands that give him power and strength at the plate.

Victor Robles, Nationals OF — Pete Wheeler

Both outfielders have a powerful set of wheels to round the bases with. Robles and Wheeler are plus plus runners. Although with room to mature in hitting, when contact is made, both players show great power in their swings.

Dansby Swanson, Braves SS — Stephanie Morgan

Plain and simple: these two were born to play short stop. Despite an injury last season, Dansby has shown that he is ready for the big leagues. Morgan is also ready for the big leagues and for more Big League Chew (nicknamed “Bubbles” because of her love of chewing gum).

Lucas Giolito, Sox RHP — Angela Delvecchio

Both right-handers are wizards on the mound. The best of the best! As Backyard Baseball describes Delvecchio: “all that AND a bag of chips”. Plus their Italian heritage already makes them bffs.

Ozzie Albies, Braves 2B — Achmed Khan

These two have shown great ability at the plate. Albies switch hitting abilities have allowed him to quickly gain success and is big league ready. Both Khan and Albies also have talent when it comes to base running. The second basemen can power down the baselines and display a high energy style of playing- but for Khan maybe that’s because he always plays with this headphones on (pump-up music?).

Cody Bellinger, Dodgers 1B — Billy Jean Blackwood

These power hitters are exactly what scouts are excited about. Bellinger has smashed 56 homers in his last two seasons while reaching Triple A at just 21 years old. Bellinger has what Blackwood doesn’t however when it comes to defense. The first baseman prospect has been considered a future Gold Glover while Blackwood struggles defensively due to her lanky frame.

Clint Frazier, Yankees OF — Jocinda Smith

There are two bats other than Pablo Sanchez’s that I would not want to mess with: Frazier’s and Smith’s. They both have lighting bat speed and raw power at the plate. If that wasn’t enough, they both have great instincts and a speedy, strong arm in the corners when it comes to the outfield.

Amed Rosario, Mets SS — Reese Worthington

Speed, speed, and more speed is pretty much what these two shortstops have in common. Rosario and Worthington have speed, range, plus arms, great hands, and speedy footwork that make them great defenders. Luckily for Rosario, the difference between these two: he doesn’t have asthma or grass allergies.

Once again no one can top Pablo Sanchez. Maybe next year! Who am I kidding.

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