MLB Teams Starting to Sign Celebrity Ambassadors

White Sox chance the rapper

I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more partnerships between professional sports teams and celebrities. Recently there’s been some talk of that changing with some Major League Baseball teams. The Tigers recently announced a partnership with Detroit rapper Eminem.

The Eminem items will be for sale at the park at Detroit’sĀ home opener.

The Tigers organization isn’t the only one getting into the celebrity endorsement business. Word is the Chicago White Sox are looking to make Chance the Rapper a “team ambassador”

Major League Baseball is a business, a very big one. So are the teams. In this era of business, it makes sense to venture into things like this to improve the brand. We talk so much about ways to make the game more exciting for the young generation, and most of those ideas surround adjusting the rules, and shortening the games. Why aren’t we talking more about this? Nowadays, all these celebrities have to do is point to a wall and they’d have every one of their followers age 12-18 running through it.

Think about if teams signed celebrities from their city to one of these ambassador deals. you’d have Kid Cudi at Tribe games, Meek Mill at Phillies games, and Drake, who already has one of these deals with the Raptors, attending more Blue Jays games. I don’t think it’ll be limited to rappers either. Anyone with a strong social following and brand. Imagine if the Dodgers signed Kobe Bryant, the Marlins signed Dwayne Wade, andĀ Antonio Bryant at Pirates games.

I think in terms of making the game popular again with younger generations, let’s start by trying something in this field, rather than keep adjusting the game itself. Much less resistance from baseball fans.