MLB Snapchat Day is Coming


If you haven’t noticed yet, Snapchat is taking over the world. The hottest app that we’ve been all about since like 2014 is experiencing growth like no other. Major League Baseball announced on twitter a new partnership with the picture sharing app, and on March 11th teams around the league will be having an MLB Snapchat Day.

All 30 teams have been active on snapchat for quite some time now, but if you’re late on following your team you can find them all here.

Now you can always find a ton of cool content on the teams’ Snapchat accounts, but they’re saying that on March 11th you’re gonna get a little bit deeper. Teams and the players themselves will be Snapchatting live from the dugout during their games. Sounds pretty cool to watch. I wonder if we’ll see some sweet new selfie stick bats like these.