MLB’s Senior Director of Broadcasting Dies in Plane Crash

Susanne Hilgefort

In sad news for the game of baseball, Susanne Hilgefort was killed in a plane crash in upstate New York. She served as MLB’s senior director of broadcasting business affairs.

What did she do? Susanne Hilgefort played a part in everything that is MLB Advanced Media in today’s game. Even more popular, under the umbrella of MLB Advanced Media, is what we all know as MLB Network. You know that channel that most of us pay extra for so we can avoid baseball coverage via ESPN?

MLB Network changed the game in the sports broadcasting world. Beginning in 2009, MLB Network has soared as the leader in its category among the four major sports in America. So much so, that last year NHL Network partnered up using MLB’s studios and some staff members. NHL Network moved its operations to Secaucus in a joint venture with MLB Network.

MLB’s executive vice president of media had this to say about Susanne Hilgefort

“Susanne played a key role in the significant growth of MLB’s media business over the past 20 years — both at the national and local levels…She will be remembered not only as a valued colleague, but also as a great friend who had a remarkable zest for life.”

She was loved among the MLB family, and was cherished by MLB fans everywhere, even if you’re not familiar with her name. As someone who covers the game of baseball, but more importantly an avid fan, I have to be grateful for Hilgefort’s contributions to our viewing experience.