MLB Needs to Relax With the Pace of Play Rules

The MLB has done enough with the pace of play rules and I think two new rules that may be coming our way need to be shut down. How long until we're watching a completely different game?

MLB Pace of Play

Recently, there’s been a ton of debate over the MLB implementing two new rules that are supposed to make the games go by quicker. Over the past year or two, MLB has made some major changes to the game including a time limit on how long teams warm up in between innings, batters are not allowed to step out of the box, and even a time limit on how long the managers are allowed to meet with pitchers on the mound. The two new rules that have been talked about over the past week or so are: The pitcher will no longer need to throw 4 balls to intentionally walk a batter, and the strike zone being raised from the bottom of the knee to the top of the knee.

For me, this is where I draw the line. I’m fine with there being a time limit in between innings and batters not being aloud to step out of the box, and the time limit on meetings with the pitchers bothered me a little bit but I can live with it. The game of baseball is a very sacred game and deserves to be played the way it was made to be played. I think these potential new rules are the beginning of something terrible for baseball. I do not want to see the game being turned into something completely different.

A lot of people say the intentional walk should not require the pitcher to throw 4 pitches because of how rare it is that pitcher make a mistake during that. However, it only takes one time to make forcing the pitcher to throw those 4 pitches become relevant again. On May 27th 2016, Creighton University defeated Seton Hall in the Big 10 championship on a wild pitch that the pitcher threw while trying to intentionally walk the batter, and the runner on third ended up scoring resulting in a Crieghton win. In football, before the extra point was moved back to the 15 yard line, the percentage of a kicker making the kick was 99.6 of the time. This kick was basically made every time and even when they moved it back a little bit now it has not made the game of football more or less interesting to watch even though it gets missed a little more now.

The MLB wants quicker games because they think it will bring more viewers to games and improve the overall status of the league. This is stupid to me because if I’m a person that does not like baseball I’m not gonna care if the pitcher doesn’t have to throw 4 pitches on intentional walk or if the strike zone is smaller, resulting in more balls being put in play. I’m not gonna care if the game is 10 minutes shorter because I don’t like the game anyway. Even if the game does get shorter from these rule changes, they’re not going to bring more viewers to the game. All these changes to the game aren’t fair to true fans of game because we love everything about baseball and we don’t wanna see the MLB making changes just to try and attract more viewers especially because it probably won’t work anyway. The bottom line is if you don’t like baseball these small rule changes aren’t going to help change your mind and are just going to ruin the game for people who truly appreciate it.