MLB Postseason Schedule and Predictions

The Blue Jays are doing it.



There is absolutely nothing better than playoff baseball. Everyone is seeing everyone’s number ones and the best nine guys are out on the field. This post season is about to be lit, and let me tell you why. We’ve got the Astros and the Yankees playing in a single elimination game Tuesday at 8:00 and then the very next day, you’ve got the Pirates and the Cubs also playing an elimination game at 8:00. TWO OF THE BEST TEAMS IN BASEBALL ARE PLAYING EACH OTHER IN AN ELIMINATION GAME. This is pandemonium.

The rest of the playoffs will begin on Thursday. It starts with the Rangers and Blue Jays and then the Royals versus whomever wins the AL wildcard game (The ‘Stros). If you’d like to see the full schedule, you can see it here.

I’m probably not qualified to actually make predictions but guess what? I don’t care here you go:

NL Wildcard: Cubs beat the Pirates in 11.

AL Wildcard: Astros beat the Yankees.

NLDS: Cubs beat the Cardinals in 5.

NLDS: Mets beat the Dodgers in 4.

ALDS: Blue Jays sweep the Rangers.

ALDS: Royals beat the Astros in 5.

NLCS: Mets beat Cubs in 7.

ALCS: Blue Jays beat the Royals in 6.

WS: Blue Jays in 7 over the Mets.

I have faith that the Cubs will make it to the World Series, but the Mets’ pitching staff is too good. And well, the Blue Jays are just too damn good to start with so there you go, the 2015 World Champion Blue Jays.