MLB Players Side With Papelbon Calling Out Harper


The Washington Nationals have taken their disaster of a season to a new level when Jonathon Papelbon attacked Bryce Harper in the dugout over a hustle disagreement. The verbal call out quickly turned into Papelbon going right for the throat of Harper. Many people around the league have been speaking out about the situation and who’s right and wrong. Mark Derosa was pretty open about his disgust with Papelbon calling out Harper, but how do the guys around the league feel about it?

According to an anonymous poll by’s CJ Nitkowski, a shocking amount of players around the league are siding with Papelbon on this one. It’s no secret that there are many people rubbed the wrong way by Papelbon over the years, but it should also be noted that guys around the league aren’t the biggest fan of Harper either. Last year Bryce Harper was voted by the players as the most overrated player in the league. Here’s what the players in this anonymous poll had to say about the situation.

“I would have done the same thing if I were Papelbon.”

As a teammate, you always feel you have the right to say something to someone if you feel it’s wrong or hurts the club. Right after the pop up is not the best time to call out a hitter.”

He quit on his team after the fight, just like he does on pop ups.”

Pap did what should have been done three years ago. Veteran players should be doing this across the league.”

“Bryce is a great player. He is a true superstar. But he’s not above playing the game the right way. I’m glad someone finally told him that.”

“I am perfectly OK with Pap’s reaction. I can understand some people having a problem¬†with his timing. At the same time the guy is the MVP.”

Kid has been allowed to loaf for the past two years. Williams got crucified for benching him last year; media and fans took Bryce’s side so he kept doing it and wasn’t getting punished. Veteran finally said something; kid ran his mouth at the wrong guy and got beat up.”

“I agree with Pap calling Harper out – hustling and continuous work ethic creates champions. He got the response most players would have probably given from the exchange. Should have been handled in the clubhouse.”

“As much as I hate to say it, Albert, Papi, and Miggy have earned the right not to run out every fly ball. Partly age, respect, and risk of injury. Harper is 22, he hasn’t earned it.”

“We all know how Harper has behaved since being called up. But when you’re at that level (MVP for me) why would you not run? It’s not the first time! And why did his manager take him out of the game (after the scuffle)?!?

Nitkowski included that not one player he asked sided with Harper. NOT ONE.