Why Opening Day Should Be a National Holiday

MLB Opening Day 2016

Tomorrow, the sun will be shining over PNC, Kauffman, and Tropicana (if they didn’t have a roof). MLB Opening day is simply the most beautiful day of Spring and millions of people will be watching the most beautiful game of baseball, again. Even though it is not a national holiday, it definitely should be. From young boys to elderly men, baseball is TRULY America’s pastime. So what other reasons can we give as to why this tremendous day should be a national holiday?

  1. It helps us get through winter.

Even though spring training goes on, and we can watch it, it’s just not the same as truly watching an MLB game with your friends and family. The warmth the game gives us reminds us to why we waited six damn months to finally be excited about nights we came home from work or school or practice to watch our favorite teams play.

  1. World Series energy is already with us on day 1.

On day one, there are no winners or losers. Only possibility. The slates are wiped clean, but depending on what team you’re rooting for, you’re gonna want winners. What’s better than your team being in the World Series? A full crowd on day one.



  1. Holidays bring us together.

Christmas, Easter, even St. Patricks Day, brings families closer. With MLB Opening Day becoming a holiday, it gives even more of a reason for baseball families to go out and celebrate (possibly) their favorite day of the year. Holidays are meant to be cherished by loved ones. Opening day should be a part of that.

  1. It would be a great tradition to be born into.

Baseball is a culture. You can be born into it, and live it practically. Baseball has always been woven into our society, but how awesome would it be to be born on Opening Day?? There would then be a “New Year’s” baby, a “Christmas” baby, and then an “Opening Day” baby!

  1. Baseball is America’s pastime.

Even if baseball is no longer the most popular sport in the United States, it’s still considered America’s pastime. It’s engraved in the history of the amazing country, and even if you don’t enjoy watching baseball, it’s there. The game also played a huge role in breaking the color barrier. Taking a day off to honor the sport is another way to add to the incredible history of the game.