MLB to Implement ‘Code of Conduct’ for Fans

(Associated Press)

Allegedly in response to the incident earlier this season in which Adam Jones was showered with peanuts and racial slurs at Fenway, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has stepped. Major League Baseball will implement a “code of conduct” for fans in 2018.

“We are working with the clubs on security and fan conduct initiatives at all of our ballparks.¬†We will be issuing a league-wide fan code of conduct for the 2018 season.” – MLB spokesman Michael Teevan via NBC Sports

Well, it seems like Manfred & MLB are trying to do the right thing here. But teams I’m sure already do have some sort of code of conduct for fans in the park. I’m also sure whatever kind of rules they have include preventing the yelling of racial slurs and hurling of fan food at players…I hope.

The problem seems to be enforcing these rules. Jackasses gonna jackass…

In my opinion, this is just a measure of good faith between MLB and the Players’ Association. I think we all know this isn’t an issue running rampant in ballparks across America, but surely it does happen, and it’s good to have more clearly defined policies on the books, I guess. It’s also good to show the players that the league is doing something to stand behind them and make sure issues like this are handled swiftly and with force.