MLB Agenda Against Blue Jays After Replay Controversy


With recent happenings around the game, and mostly around Jays fans, many have been questioning the possibility of an MLB agenda against Blue Jays after replay controversy. I’m not buying in yet, but there are some interestingly questionable events lately.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues Jays fans have, and you tell me if it’s reasonable or not

Why was the roof closed?

We all know the Blue Jays live on the most high powered offense in baseball, and part of that is because of the home field they play in catering to their offense. Rogers Centre ranks as one of the most hitter friendly parks in the bigs…when the roof is open. Considerably lower with a closed roof. So why was the roof open? Take a look at the weather for October 9th

Toronto Weather October 9th, 2015

63 degrees is middle of summer heat in Canada, right? lol

Replay Review

Now let’s talk about what’s up with that replay review in the 14th? The MLB went to replay after calling the runner safe heading back to second when Tulowitzki layed a tag down after a throw in from Bautista. The runner was called safe, so the replay has to indicate indisputable evidence that the runner’s foot came off the bag while Tulo held the glove down. Take a look for yourself


But why?

Why would the MLB have an agenda against the Blue Jays? Seems to be one of the best stories of the MLB season. Something to do with the whole north of the border thing? MLB really hasn’t made any moves responding to the thought of bringing a team back to Montreal. Who knows. Fans of all teams in all countries love to make excuses for their team. But regardless, Blue Jays better pick it up and win two straight in Texas to bring it back home for a chance to survive.