I Miss Managers Blowing Up At Umpires

Jim Leyland manager ejections

First things first, I’m a huge fan of instant replay in baseball. There’s no doubt that it isn’t a perfect system, but I definitely don’t miss losing a game on a blown call.

What I do miss, is watching managers blow up at umpires for blowing calls. Very rarely do we see arguments from managers anymore, and that’s a huge aspect of the game that I feel is missing. Bobby Cox was ejected a record 158 times, and I don’t think anybody is going to come close to challenging that record. It may even stand longer than Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak.

I mean really, what’s better than Tito Francona yelling “Fuck you!” at an ump?

Or Lou Piniella throwing down his cap?

How great is the Cubs broadcaster saying “Aaand here’s Lou”? His ejections were part of his allure. Those were both trick questions, because there is NOTHING better than watching a manager lose his shit. It gets my juices flowing. I need more of it.