Minor League Pitcher Quick Pitched His Own Catcher


It’s always rubbed me the wrong way watching pitchers “quick pitch”. It’s just aesthetically annoying. I mean, I get it. Pitching is all about disrupting a hitter’s timing, right? Well altering the amount of time from stretch to delivery can certainly do that as well. Hitters HATE it. You’ve seen Johnny Cueto pull it out every now and then in the bigs, but other than that, you don’t see it too often.

But what you really don’t see too often, is a catcher get caught by the quick pitch. In a Minor League game between Lehigh Valley and Norfolk, Lehigh Valley catcher Andrew Knapp was caught off guard by his own pitcher’s quick pitch. This dude wore a fastball right to the chest. These are Orioles and Phillies AAA affiliates.