Mike Trout or Bryce Harper?

Mike Trout Bryce Harper

Mike Trout vs. Bryce Harper Who Ya Got?

You can’t go wrong between these two mega stars right?  Well the obvious answer is yes but I challenge your thoughts in to which phenom tops the other in the “5 tool player” categories and on the surface provides which player is better than the other in simplified terms.

Hitting for average:

This one is pretty easy actually.  Despite Bryce’s godly like season this past year he hit below the .275 mark the past three seasons with Trout staying relatively consistent.  In 2012 Trout hit .326 and in 2013 hit .323.  More recently Trout has come down to earth but still posted a .299 average in 2015 with a .304 average over his young MLB career.

Advantage: Mike Trout

Hitting for power

Trout subtracted speed for power smashing 41 homers in 2015 for a career high.  Bryce looked absurd at the plate in 2015 but I’m evaluating their whole MLB careers so far.  I expect Bryce to be the lead dog in this category moving forward after posting a ridiculous 1.109 .OPS this past season.

Advantage: Mike Trout


Harper has never been much of a speed guy at any phase of his career.  His first season up Harper swiped 18 bags in 2012 but has perhaps focused more on his bat since cracking the MLB.  While speed is seen by more than just stolen bases Trout does man centerfield and does an incredible job at it.  Trout may be looking more at his bat in the future after stealing 82 bases between 2012 and 2013.

Advantage: Mike Trout


Unless I get analytical on you I think you know who holds down the outfield more than the other.  While centerfield certainly gets more opportunities than the corner spots Trout’s play roaming in center has been off the charts.  Just search “Mike Trout robs homer” and you’ll instantly find entertainment as your jaw drops with amazement from Trout’s athleticism.

Advantage: Mike Trout


Having a hose playing in the corner outfield is always a benefit but Bryce Harper’s arm is an absolute cannon.  While Trout has had his share of making baserunners look silly Harper’s laser makes for jaw dropping plays.   Perhaps we should ask Ryan Braun about his decision to round first and test Harper’s arm…

Advantage: Bryce Harper

Bottom Line: I’ll take Trout but again can you really go wrong with either? With Bryce breaking out in 2015 the debate should only continue to grow between these stars.  The only thing stopping these future multiyear all stars is health.  The future is bright for these guys as the two best all around players in the American and National League continue to get better and entertain the game as a whole.