Mike Moustakas Had Some Words for Noah Syndergaard


It’s the World freaking Series. Attitudes are shining, emotions are firing, and tension you can cut with a knife. Mike Moustakas had some words for Noah Syndergaard after he led off the game with a ball up and in to Alcides Escobar.

Nobody that has watched Escobar the last couple weeks expected Syndergaard to bring a strike on the first pitch of the game, but I’m not sure we assumed it would be this close to his lips.

First pitch of the game I’m not sure Syndergaard was looking to put the lead off run on base being down 2-0 in the series already. Especially with how how Escobar has been you know he’s not gonna get a get-me-over fastball first pitch, but Mike Moustakas wasn’t too happy. You might say he took it a little personal.