Miguel Cabrera throws hands with Austin Romine, benches clear


We’ve got action in Detroit! Tempers flare during a little chat between Tigers Miguel Cabrera and Yankees catcher Austin Romine.

I’m not sure what was said here, but clearly Miggy didn’t like something Romine was spitting. We’re nearing that time of year where some guys are sick of playing on a shitty team and are looking to get the season over with. You can see how that might cause some issues.

There’s so much action going on here it’s hard to keep up. I’ve already watched it 100 times and I need about 100 more. I need to ID some of the standout efforts from this one, like the guy in a Yankee uniform that comes in with the superman in the beginning. But my front runner for favorite part of this video has got to be who I believe to be David Robertson flying in from the bullpen at a full pitcher sprint. Hilarious.


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