Midland College Softball Coach Files Title IX Lawsuit Against School


CBS7 – Midland College Softball Coach Tommy Ramos has filed a Title IX lawsuit against the school claiming his locker rooms and field are not up to par with the baseball program.

In the lawsuit, Ramos is claiming that because he does not have lights on his field his team can’t play at night and that his locker room facilities are not equal to the facilities at Christensen Stadium.

Ramos says he has complained to the school several times and the school has not made any meaningful attempts to address the situation.

Well I’m certainly no law professional, and I have an amateur’s knowledge of Title IX, but seems like he’s got a case here. If not with the law, he certainly has beef with the school. For reference, here’s a look at Christensen Stadium, where the baseball team plays:


Looks like a pretty nice park, eh? Even for baseball in Texas’s standards, this place looks good. PS how many people are showing up to watch Midland College baseball with all that seating?!

Now let’s take a look at Midland College Softball’s field



Doesn’t look like a bad playing surface to me, but certainly not up to the standards of the baseball team.

There’s too much we don’t know, preventing me from giving a full judgement on the case here. The stadium is certainly nicer than Christensen Stadium, but how many people are they packing in that place versus attendance at the softball game? I’m not sure if that’s even a factor in Title IX, however.

Here might be the biggest glaring issue. Check out the pictures from CBS7 of the differences in locker rooms the baseball and softball teams have.

Yea we might want to get that handled fellas…