Mets’ Terry Collins is PISSED About Holding Back Matt Harvey


There has been tons of chatter revolving around the playoff bound Mets, particularly about the Matt Harvey situation. Coming off of Tommy John surgery in the offseason, it’s been said that the Mets / Harvey / Harvey’s agent had planned to keep him to a 180 innings pitched limit. Well would you look at that, Harvey is at the 180 innings limit and the Mets are playing meaningful baseball and headed for the postseason. So many different angles of this all pulling in opposite directions, it’s interesting and rather amusing.

Mets manager Terry Collins voiced his feelings in a post game press conference after having to pull Harvey after theĀ 5th inning of a solid outing, in order to preserve Harvey’s arm. He made it pretty clear that it wasn’t his influence that caused him to pull Harvey after 5. Harvey had given up just 1 hit in a 1-0 game against the Yankees. You could imagine why a manager trying to lead his team in the postseason would be upset about that. What kind of message does that send to the team and the fans, and most importantly the players? I’m sure Matt Harvey feels like he’s in a pickle right now. What do you do?