After “Homophobic” Backlash, Mets No Longer Feature Opposing Players on Kiss Cam

Mets Kiss Cam

After backlash from LGBT community, and one fan in particular on twitter, The New York Mets in a recent statement to Huffington Post announced that they will no longer feature opposing players on their nightly kiss cam on the jumbotron:

“We have, on occasion, included players from opposing teams in our popular in-game Kiss Cam feature. While intended to be lighthearted, we unintentionally offended some. We apologize for doing so and no longer will include players in the feature. Our organization is wholly supportive of fostering an inclusive and respectful environment at games.”

Backlash started on twitter after a relentless fan made sure the Mets organization heard his thoughts on the “homophobic” and offensive nature of the opposing player kiss cam.


During the “kiss cam” skit that virtually all ball parks have at one point or another, the Mets jokingly show two players from the opposing team, drawing much laughter from the crowd. This fan and many others didn’t seem to find it funny anymore and spoke out. This fan even compiled a timeline of his tweets documenting the progression of his efforts.

What do you think? Is this funny or inappropriate in the pro LGBT world we live in today? I personally don’t see a problem with it. But the way I see it, in this pussified world where everyone is offended by everything, you should pick your battles. I don’t think this is a battle the Mets should fight. Good move to eliminate the kiss cam skit.