Mets Fan Tells Giancarlo Stanton He’s Overrated Right Before He Does This…


You literally couldn’t script a situation or a twitter video any better than this one. A Mets fan at Citi Field got up screaming “overrated” while Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton is at the plate. Stanton proceeded to tell this guy to shove it, but it didn’t take any words.

I believe this is the home run that Statcast measured at 470 feet to deep left-center field. It’s the furthest ball ever hit in Citi Field history. Giancarlo Stanton seems to be setting park records a lot lately. I wonder how this fan feels after receiving the biggest “f-u” of all time caught on tape. This video is obviously viral by now. God, I love twitter. RIP to this guy. Someone get him a Stanton shirsey already. It’s only right.