Meet Loek Van Mil – The 7’1 Pitcher From The Netherlands


Okay time out. Apparently there’s a 7’1 man from the Netherlands named Loek Van Mil who’s been pitching in the minor and foreign leagues for around twelve years. I shouldn’t have had to wait for this monster to face another monster in the World Baseball Classic for me to finally hear about him.

I mean yeah he may have picked the wrong sport growing up, but a 7’1 dude on the mound? That’s certainly enough for me to shit my pants if I’m anywhere near that batters box.

I also don’t know how talented Van Mil is, since I’ve never actually seen him pitch, but if you’re a pro baseball player who’s 7’1 and 260 pounds, your arm should be a lethal weapon. I’m not talking like a cannon or jacked up sling-shot. I’m talking fully automatic assault rifle in the form of a human arm. He should be chucking 115 mph, at least.

Take a good look at this man. Take it in.

I don’t know if this guy will ever see the professional level, but if he does, that will be one exciting site to see. Whether it’s an All-Star Game or a Slam-Dunk contest. Sign me up.