Meet Jaide Bucher, Be Inspired


Last week I tweeted out Gatorade’s video¬†about a girl named Jaide Bucher. In the couple days since I tweeted it, it has easily become the most watched video Jaide BucherI’ve ever put out in four years. Look at the numbers. Look what that video did. 40,000 is A TON of views on a twitter video, and was seen by almost a quarter million people. Insane. Every single one of those people are happy they took the 3 minutes to view the video.

Jaide’s story is incredible. ¬†Being born with only one hand, I’m sure she spent her entire life hearing about all the things she’ll never be able to do. But she had a burning love for the game just like the rest of us, and clearly did not let her condition be a disability, and keep her from the game she loved. You’d think it would be a bit easier for Jaide Bucher to play first base or an outfield position, but nope. She’s right behind the plate.

Watching the way she transfers the ball from her glove to her bare hand is actually insane. Watch this. Be inspired.