Matt Harvey Will Pitch in Postseason, Despite Innings Limit


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding whether Matt Harvey will pitch in the postseason this year. This all started about a week ago when his agent Scott Boras was in the media bargaining for the Mets to shut him down at his 180 IP limit for this season. This is an interesting situation because there are many parties involved all with their own interests. You’ve got the agent Scott Boras, Matt Harvey, the Mets, and the Mets front office.

Dr. James Andrews performed Harvey’s Tommy John surgery. When asked about the situation, he said he didn’t put an innings limit on Harvey. The most famous surgeon in baseball knows that every arm is unique and he’s not the one to put an innings limit on one of his clients.

What I draw from this situation is a ton of respect for Matt Harvey. If you’ve followed his come up from high school to UNC and to the bigs, you know what a competitor he is. He’s the definition of a grinder. Like a true grinder, you’re going to need some heavy duty equipment to pry the ball from his hands.

However, you’ve gotta think he really doesn’t have much of a choice. There is only one right answer to the question of should he pass his innings limit. In the big leagues, careers turn around so quickly. If you’ve got a chance to make a run in the post season, you better not miss it. You don’t wanna turn into Stephen Strasburg, ya know?