Marlon Byrd Allegedly Tests Positive for PEDs

Marlon Byrd Suspended for Failed PED test

Multiple sources on Twitter are reporting that Cleveland Indians OF Marlon Byrd will be suspended for a failed PED test.

He was previously suspended 50 games in 2012 for a failed PED test as well. First offense used to be just 50 games before they made the switch and upped it to 80 games. He has the right to an appeal (which may or may not have happened already), but if appeal is denied or dropped, Marlon Byrd will serve a 162 game suspension for this second offense.

We’ll add more details as they come.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed. Marlon Byrd tested positive for Ipamorelin, a growth hormone releasing peptide. He has been suspended 162 games by Major League Baseball. At 37 years old, you have to wonder if this will be the end of his career.