Mark Derosa Speaks Out Against Jonathon Papelbon Calling Out Bryce Harper


Following the recent incident in the Nationals dugout between Bryce Harper and Jonathon Papelbon, many voices are speaking up around the league. One notably today being 16 year MLB veteran and MLB Network’s Mark Derosa. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s my problem with Jonathon Papelbon. You’ve played 63 innings this year. You’ve been in the clubhouse probably – every closer I’ve been with – through the fifth inning getting a rubdown, eatin’ a sandwich, doing your Jobe exercises, takin’ your time. You’ve earned the right. His pedigree – he’s earned the right to do that. That’s the way Smoltzy went about it. All the great closers I’ve been with, they’re not gonna get down there in the first inning. You’re top stepping a guy who’s been in 1,262 innings, who’s hitting .336 with 41 homers, is gonna be the National League MVP and you’re questioning whether or not he goes to the post every day. That’s tired, okay? No reliever should ever tell a position player about hustle. Go stand out there in the rain, sleet, and snow while you guys are giving up gap shots. That bothered me.”

Some pretty heated opinions from Mr Derosa there. But you know what? A guy that played in the league for 16 seasons and has been in as many clubhouses as Mark Derosa has, definitely has the experience and credibility to speak up on a clubhouse matter. I think this is one of those matters where the only opinions that matter are the ones coming from guys who have the MLB clubhouse experience. Not that that’s gonna stop us from throwing our opinions in as well ;).

This whole situation is messy and I think what we can all agree on is that the Washington Nationals organization is a total mess right now. Just ask Matt Williams. Or the fans?