Mariners Hire Mariachi Band for Leonys Martin’s Birthday


Spring Training seems like a pretty boring place to be this time of year. You can only take working on bunt coverages for so long before you want to blow your brains out in hopes that you don’t have to watch pitchers take PFPs any longer. But the Mariners spiced it up a bit today with a little surprise for Leonys Martin.

The Seattle Mariners hired a Mariachi band to follow Leonys Martin around the park on his birthday.

What a lovely birthday surprise and shake up at practice today. In good spirits (because how could you not be in good spirits with a Mariachi band following you around at practice), he even threw on a sombrero.

And when I say they followed him around everywhere, I mean they followed him around everywhere.

Leonys Martin appreciated the birthday gift and his Mariachi guys so much, he even made sure to take special care of them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, (I don’t think I am) but I believe Leonys Martin is Cuban, and Mariachi bands are a Mexican thing? Slightly racist maybe? Either way, the band was so welcomed, and apparently so pricy, that Kyle Seager reportedly offered to pay to have the band stick around for an extra hour.