Mariners Hire 22 Year Old Female Scout Amanda Hopkins

Amanda Hopkins

Cut4 – Recently, the Seattle Mariners announced the hiring of Amanda Hopkins, the first full time female scout in over 50 years.

Amanda Hopkins is no stranger to the game. She grew up around baseball through her father Ron Hopkins. He is currently an assistant to the General Manager with the Pirates, and served a very long time as a scout, including a position as the Director of Scouting with the Texas Rangers. Along with her passion for the game, she wasn’t a bad softball player herself. Amanda Hopkins was the captain of her squad at Central Washington University where she balled for four years. During her playing days she spent three seasons interning with the Seattle Mariners in their scouting department.

Now I’ll be honest and save you some time here if you thought about going to look up her numbers and see what kind of player she was… she didn’t see much action on the field in those four years. Maybe there was an injury, who knows. But that’s beside the point. Barriers for women in baseball are being broken down left and right recently. This year we saw Jessica Mendoza become the first female analyst on an ESPN Baseball Tonight game. We saw the Oakland A’s hire baseballs first female coach, Justine Siegal. And now baseball’s first female scout since the mid 20th century.

I think it’s great. Who says a woman can’t evaluate talent? Do you think every scout in the game played pro ball? Definitely not. I don’t know how to make a baseball glove, but I can sure spot the good and bad ones. We all can. Good for her.