Marcus Stroman, Overrated Pitcher, Underrated Rapper

Mike Stud & Marcus Stroman

I hate Marcus Stroman, and I know Shane does too [editor’s note: I don’t hate him, just not in a bromance with him like the rest of the world 😉 but carry on!]. I don’t like the way he brands himself as the ultimate underdog because he’s short, despite going to Duke, being drafted twice, and being one of baseball’s best young stars at age 25. But naturally as a baseball fan I checked out his features when he was featured on Mike Stud’s songs These Days , Shine, and Take It How You Wanna. I’ll give him credit for the wordplay he uses on These Days, saying “Made it rain In Vegas with the MVP JD,” with JD being Josh Donaldson, the “Bringer of Rain.” But seriously, you don’t have that many doubters, which he mentions on “These Days”. Overall, I like Stroman a lot more as a rapper than I do a ballplayer, and definitely expect him to be featured on more of Stud’s work.