Manny Machado Punches Ventura, Gets Free Food For Life

Manny Machado Free Food Jimmy's Seafood

Tuesday night during the Orioles game against the Royals in Baltimore, things got a little heated. Manny Machado was at the plate and Yordano Ventura on the mound. Ventura let a 99 MPH fastball go that Machado ended up taking off of his back. Machado charged, Ventura was ready and the benches cleared.

Machado may have been ejected from the game, but something crazy came from it. Local Baltimore restaurant, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood offered Machado free food for life just for charging the mound on Ventura!

I would have to say it’s a pretty good day for Manny Machado, getting to punch a guy and get free food for it. Not to mention, the guy will never pay for another drink again in Baltimore, and probably every other American League city around the country. Although it’s a pretty cool deal, I hope it doesn’t give other players any bright ideas!