Manny Machado Charges Mound After Being Plunked by Yordano Ventura


Manny Machado took exception to Yordano Ventura plunking him with a fastball in Baltimore.


Tonight’s face off in Baltimore betwen the Royals and Orioles, during a 5-1 O’s lead, Manny Machado gave Yordano Ventura quite the look after receiving a pitch inside. Yordano Ventura plunked him right in the back.

Yordano Ventura causing trouble and a bench clearing brawl? Where have I seen this before? Props to Ventura for plunking him square in the back this time instead of going head hunting. The two were jawing back and forth all game, had to see this coming. A little frustration coming from the Royals after dropping what would be their 6th straight game tonight in Baltimore. Usually fights like this have gotten the Royals going in the past, maybe that’s the idea here. Peep the right hand Manny Machado lands on Ventura though!


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