This Is What It Looks Like Hitting Against Chris Sale


It’s a long video so let me give you a heads up. The first four minutes is just him working fastball/change-up. At the 4:30 mark, he starts working in his wicked curveball. I’ve never seen something bite so hard.

So this is what Chris Sale looks like from behind the plate. No wonder why hitters are hitting a measly .220 off of him. He’s stupid good though his stats aren’t really showing it this year. His era is in the low 3’s but damn, look at it. It’s straight filth. His change-up has depth and his fastball has a ridiculous amount of tail to it.

I remember the first time I saw a 90+ fastball. I was a 15 year old playing with 19 year olds. As soon as I read that it was a fastball, it was by me. I stood there for three fastballs on the outer black and grabbed a seat.