Look Good Play Good?

The best of flow

Jacob deGrom Brandon Crawford

With many rising stars in the game right now, we start to notice which players will have the biggest impact on the 2016 season. Two players that come to mind are Jacob deGrom and Brandon Crawford.

What about all of the other young talent? Yes, there is a ton of young talent in the game right now, Jacob deGrom and Brandon Crawford just bring a different feel to the game. Both players finished the 2015 season exceptionally well, and continue to showcase their undeniable talent. But what is it about these two athletes that catch my eye the most?

Well, If you haven’t noticed, Jacob deGrom and Brandon Crawford both have insanely beautiful hair. No, not just your average MLB flow, but hair that came straight from God himself. Both players go out there day by day and impress every soul watching, not just by looks, but dominating their position.

deGrom finished the 2015 season with a 14-8 record, 2.54 ERA, 191 IP, and 205 strikeouts. For such a young player, the stats put up by deGrom continue to amaze.

Crawford finished the 2015 season with a .256 BA, 130 hits, 21 homers, and 84 RBI’s. Crawford proved to be a very versatile player, and has clearly shown so far the kind of numbers he will put up in the 2016 season.

Back to the hair. Both deGrom and Crawford continue to tear it up in preseason. Also, they both have the most beautiful hair in the game. Coincidence? You can say. But as far as I can tell, they both play good, and certainly look good doing it.