Little Kid Gets Emotional When He Opens a Kris Bryant Topps Card


Try not to cry happy tears when you watch this video. Either way this is sure to make your day. Louie Hillenmeyer tweeted this video yesterday of his son Eli opening a new pack of Topps sticker cards. The kid is happier than a pig in mud opening his new cards, but when he the Kris Bryant Topps sticker, he loses all control of his emotions.

“He became a Kris Bryant fan when his mom brought him a Bryant uniform T-shirt home from Chicago last fall and it’s been his favorite shirt ever since and Bryant has been his favorite player.” Louie Hillenmeyer told “He looks through his sticker book continuously and memorizes all the players he has. He had gone through many packs waiting for, and wanting, the Kris Bryant sticker before he finally got it.”

“He loves sports: playing, watching and reading about them. Most of the day he’s doing one of those. When we play baseball he’ll pause the game a write players name and jersey number on his back and then do the same to me. Most of all he brings that kind of joy to everything he does.”

I’m happy to see kids still get the enjoyment from baseball cards that I can remember getting as a kid. I grew up in the era of MLB Showdown, the card game, and I swear my entire youth life revolves around getting new packs of cards. That Kris Bryant Topps card just changed this kids life.