Tim Lincecum Close To Signing With Angels

Tim Lincecum to return, processing deal with Angels


According to multiple reports, the 2 time Cy-Young winner, Tim Lincecum, is closing in on a deal with the LA Angels.

After his huge scouting day earlier last month, it seemed that many teams were interested in Tim Lincecum’sĀ services. However the Angels are in need of a reliable pitcher, and Lincecum might be that guy.

Although he made 15 starts last year going only 7-4, and an ERA that was over 4.00, he might be able to pull off a comeback. He’s one of my favorites because he doesn’t quit, and never will surrender or give up on what he loves.

Seed Sack

He’s had a few rough seasons since his back to back Cy-Young’s, his ERA hasn’t been under 4.00 since 2011.

In the past, Tim “The Freak” Lincecum has been a dominant player when at his best. I think he is very deserving of this opportunity, and I can not wait to see him on the rubber.

Lincecums injury that left him jobless made a huge and lasting impact on him, he’s been extremely anxious to get back out there, and pitch like he used to.

Angels fans should be extremely excited about this, Tim will produceĀ once again.