What It’s Like to Be a Mets Fan During the Postseason


It’s tough enough being a Mets fan during the regular season, but postseason? Forget about it. Making it to the postseason gives a glimmer of 1986, especially when we have a season like 2015-16 and get a taste of the World Series. Unfortunately our dreams get crushed frequently and we are forced to watch other teams take our dream away from us.

This postseason is a very interesting one to be a Mets fan. If you want to know what goes through our heads, look no further.

Weeks Prior to Postseason:

Wow the Yankees and the Cardinals both didn’t make it?! We are winning the World Series, Thor has got our backs.

Wild Card Game:

Before: Madison Bumgarner is gonna choke I don’t care about this even year “magic”.

During: Wow Thor is getting pretty tired and Bum shows no sign of slowing down.

9th Inning: Shit. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO US. Next year we totally got this guys. *Starts drinking bleach*

Division Series: Indians vs. Red Sox

Do we hate anyone?

Division Series: Nationals vs. Dodgers

I don’t know which team I hate more.

Chase Utley you’re still a bitch #TeamTejada

Division Series: Giants vs. Cubs

This even year “magic” is so annoying I hope the Giants lose.

If the Giants lose, there’s slight hope we can win in 2018.

I don’t mind the Cubs because we beat them and also their fans know suffering- kinda like us.