In a League of Your Own: Stetson embarrases Florida


On Tuesday, April 4th the Stetson Hatters to Gainesville for a game with No.7 Florida, and they showed up to play. After Stetson took a 10-1 lead after 4 full innings, the game was sent into a rain delay that lasted a little over an hour and a half. Once the rain had stopped and cleared out of the area, Florida head coach Kevin O’Sullivan informed Stetson that the Gators would not be retaking the field, and the game would be cancelled. When Stetson attempted to set up a date to finish the game, where there were two common open dates that were at least 2 weeks away from the SEC tournament, Florida denied due to the game being too close to the tournament. Earlier this season, Stetson hosted Florida at home where it took the Gators 11 innings and 9 runs to escape with a victory.

For an SEC powerhouse to pull such a weak move and deny these guys a Stetson of a well earned victory is terrible. For Florida, this seemingly goes from a bad loss as far as RPI is concerned to an awful PR hit. If you’re looking for a College Baseball interest to take for the remainder of this season, I recommend these guys down at Stetson. Their record might not reflect it, but they have given one of the top teams in the nation all they could handle this season, sending Florida into their weekend series with Tennessee with some shaken confidence to say the least.