In a League of Your Own: No Jeter week, But Yankees are here to stay

Derek Jeter Week

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way, Derek Jeter is one of the best shortstops and one of the greatest Yankees to ever play. On Sunday of this week, The Yankees will be retiring the iconic number 2 jersey he wore throughout his entire career, but is the MLB going a tad overboard with “Jeter week”? I say yes. We all remember what he has done… Let’s save the party for Cooperstown week for him if we are going to do all of these brackets for his best plays and such.

Coming from a Red Sox fan, it pains me to say, but the Yankees are not going anywhere. With finally another young core being formed, the Bronx bombers look poised to begin another run for a string of World Series appearances. With guys such as Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Ronald Torreyes, Aroldis Chapman and Luis Severino.. The future is bright. Now don’t get me wrong, their are still questions that need to be answered with the Yankees

Question Marks:

  1. Will Aaron Hicks maintain his hot start? A: No. As of May 12th, Hicks is hitting .333 and his OBP is .474 which is over .150 points higher than his career average. With a lack of consistency in his play in recent years, I do not anticipate the career the .230 hitter to make such a stable and dramatic change to his stat line that fast. But, with Aaron Judge and Brett Garner absolutely crushing the baseball at the moment, Joe Girardi doesn’t need Hicks to get on base close to 50% of his at bats for the offense to click.

2. Will they need to acquire another starter? A: Absolutely! It’s an inevitable thing in baseball today, Starting Pitchers will get hurt; So where will they go? At the trade deadline, Either Danny Duffy or Lance Lynn will become Yankees. I do not see them trying to make a blockbuster move trying to bring in a huge front line starter before Free Agency this upcoming off season when Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta both become available, on top of the fact that Johnny Cueto can also opt out of his deal.

3. Here’s the question people have been pondering for almost a year… Will they Sign Bryce Harper in 2018? A: I am extremely confident in the huge play that Brian Cashman will make on Harper, But as a baseball fan and a guy who enjoys looking at things through a front office point of view, I hope that they do not over spend and back end load his contract.. Because their will be an inevitable decline in production towards the end of the deal if it ranges for longer than 7 years.

This core is here. They might not out do Jeter and company, but here they come baseball.