In a League of Your Own: Continuing to evolve the All-Star Game

MLB All Star Game

As we cross the seemingly midpoint to the 2017 Season, the All Star game is still just as competitive to the all who all are involved, just in a different way! If you’re Max Scherzer, It’s Buster Posey that is catching your first pitch instead of Matt Wieters… And for Chris Sale it was Salvador Perez

But let’s be honest… There is one flaw with the All Star game:

See, inside of Major League baseball the element of a super team is not really a “thing” the leagues are honestly pretty proportional in terms of talent overall, obviously one league will overall have better Starting Pitching , another will have overall better outfield.. But overall.. it evens itself out. ┬áSo why not change up the way we pick the teams?

Bryce Harper had an idea on how to do this… He would like to “Pick captains for 2 teams and let them draft” So lets try this: Each year instead of the fan vote, we should take the AL MVP from the year before and team him the the NL Cy Young and let them draft against the NL MVP and the AL Cy Young. Now, this is a very raw thing… Obviously there are some kinks to work out like when and how they would do this.. But even still it is an interesting idea, Follow up the first inning from Scherzer with Chapman throwing the 2nd inning..? then Followed by Dallas Keuchel? For sure something to consider since it is now just an exhibition instead being played for Home Field Advantage.