Lawsuit Brings Changes to MLB TV Packages


If you’re an avid fan of Major League Baseball as a whole, you’re probably familiar with MLB TV and it’s popularity in recent years. MLB was early on perfecting the online streaming of games. Well, I guess it wasn’t perfect, because a class action lawsuit from 2012 finally brought upon a settlement by Major League Baseball that will make a bit of a change to the MLB TV platform.

Until now, the plans on MLB TV included one package, with two different tiers, to have access to watching any MLB game so as long as you weren’t in the restricted “blackout” areas. Since the settlement, Major League Baseball says you will now be able to purchase season long access to watch the team of your choice, rather than pay for access to all games. This will be available at the price of $84.99 for the season. That’s a 24% drop from the previous season. The price of all teams dropped as well, to $109.99.

Props to the class action suit lawyers.

I’m not sure that I’d purchase access to my Indians only, just to save twenty bucks. It really doesn’t make sense for someone that lives in the area that their favorite team is televised. The reason we purchase MLB TV is to watch any game we want. But for those that live outside the viewing area of their favorite team, this deal makes sense. I’d imagine this is a solid win for those people. But again, it’s just twenty bucks.

Be on the lookout the next couple weeks, MLB usually runs preseason deals on the purchase of MLB TV packages. You’re welcome