Kris Bryant Takes Prom Proposal to the Next Level

Kris Bryant prom proposal

Kris Bryant is a man of many talents, and the 2015 NL Rookie of the Year has been having some fun recently, on and off the field. He disguised himself as a college student and pranked an Arizona Junior College baseball team, hitting shot after shot in batting practice.

Over the weekend, Bryant moved on from college to high school, even asking a girl to prom.

In this day and age, asking your significant other to prom is almost as important as the actual dance itself. Vince Santoria, a junior in high school, knew that he had to step up the game. The eager young fan got Bryant’s attention before a Cactus League game, and asked for a small favor. A few minutes later, Bryant found himself holding a homemade sign in scrawling letters, “Julia, will you go to prom with Vince?”

Using Bryant to pop the question wasn’t just any coincidence, Santoria took a selfie with the Cubs player last year, and to this day still uses the shot as his profile picture. Santoria also claims that his girlfriend, the famed Julia, likes Kris Bryant the best out of all the players “because he’s the cutest”.

And after seeing his “cute” face next to the sign asking her to prom, Julia had no choice but to say yes. A picture with Kris Bryant AND a date to prom? Sounds like a win-win to me.
There’s no doubt that high school boys all over the country understand the standards have been heightened, and are groaning, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Good luck boys.