Kris Bryant Pranks College Team at Practice

Krist Bryant Pranks Mesa Community College

You might remember the NL Rookie of the year  going under cover as a Lyft driver in the streets of Chicago a couple months ago. This time, Kris Bryant pranks Mesa Community College’s baseball team going under cover at practice. Apparently he’s quite the prankster, or maybe just has a really good agent getting him endorsement gigs. Either way, it’s hard not to like Kris Bryant. Just look at that smile, right?

Red Bull – National League Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant went back to college ball – for a day. Conspiring with the coach at Mesa Community College in Arizona, the two tricked the Thunderbirds baseball team into believing he was the new hot shot transfer. Using the alias of Roy Nabryt (‘Roy’ is short for Rookie of the Year and ‘Nabryt’ is Bryant with letters twisted), here’s what happened when Bryant – aka Roy – proceeded to launch balls out of the ballpark as stunned players looked on.

We love Kris Bryant pranks


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