Kevin Nash Thinks Pete Rose Should Be in the Hall of Fame


The ex WWE superstar Kevin Nash took to twitter to voice his opinions on the Pete Rose reinstatement situation. Don’t remember Kevin Nash? No worries…

Now you remember the “power bombs” that dude used to throw down. Sounds like Kevin Nash wants to throw one down on MLB commissioner Rob Manfred after Manfred announced that Pete Rose would not be reinstated into baseball (thus still not eligible for the Hall of Fame per HoF rules). Nash took to twitter to put a little perspective on the situation.


There are many sides to the argument over whether or not Pete Rose should be either reinstated into baseball, eligible for the Hall of Fame, or both. With the way the rules are now, there’s no way he gets in. And if you’re a rule book nazi, none of that will probably ever change. He broke the rule that everyone knows results in a lifetime ban. The guy screwed up.

Here’s my view: I understand that’s the rule, and by the rules, Manfred is right to keep him out of the game. But I don’t see that many people bringing up the issue of why the rule is the way it is. MLB surely isn’t full of saints. Rules are broken every day, and they all have a pretty well defined punishment tied to them. We’ve seen PEDs, corked bats, foreign substances on pitchers uniforms, etc. All of that, yet gambling on baseball gets the death penalty? Kevin Nash said it best, pedophiles walk after 15 years, but Pete Rose will serve a life sentence in baseball for his crime?

Let’s not forget, he admitted to betting FOR his own team, not against them. Oh you don’t believe it? Well you by-the-book rule nazis should keep in mind the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing we’ve got going on in America since 1776. I think there are worse crimes. The man has served 26 years. Let Pete in the Hall.