Kentucky Baseball Storm Wilson Tip Drill Catch

kentucky baseball catch storm wilson
Brent Ingram -

Yesterday we brought you an amazing leaping catch out of Toledo’s shortstop Deion Tansel, but today we have a catch that may be even better. Believe it or not, we have a collision, tipped ball, and diving catch all in one play during this Louisville – Kentucky baseball game.

When Louisville took on Kentucky yesterday afternoon, nobody was expecting a close game, let alone some amazing web gems. Luckily for us, we got both a great game and some great plays by Kentucky’s speedy outfield. The game was back and forth all night and ended with a 1 out single in the 9th inning to drive through the winning run from second and give Louisville the 7-6 walk-off win. Even though they took an L on their record, the Wildcats can’t complain. Not only did they almost beat the #4 baseball team in the nation, but they made some plays that will definitely bring them attention in the coming days. Check out the highlight clip below and watch for the tip drill catch at about the 15 second mark.

Oh… and maybe the best part of this story… the center fielder who made the diving catch is named Storm Wilson. Anyone with that kind of name is guaranteed to be a ball player! Keep flashing the leather Storm!