Ken Griffey Jr Nike Ad; Goodbye Baseball, Hello Cooperstown


I remember five years ago, the first time I saw this commercial on TV. Nike, the greatest company in the world, ran this Ken Griffey Jr Nike ad shortly after he retired. Nike has a history of turning every athlete it signs into an icon. There is no better company on earth to be partnered with, than the marketing masters of Nike.

The Swingman brand is as much a part of the Ken Griffey Jr Nike legacy as his 630 home runs are.

I would argue that it’s bigger than being in the Hall of Fame. You have to go to Cooperstown to see the members of the Hall, but all you have to do is head to a local youth baseball field to see the iconic Swingman logo, and remember the legend that was The Kid. This Ken Griffey Jr Nike ad brought me pretty close to tears 5 years ago, and will still give any Griffey obsessed fan goosebumps to this day.