Ken Griffey Jr Appears in Macklemore Downtown video


The GOAT is back!

If you follow @ShtBallPlayrsDo you should know I’m a wee bit of a Ken Griffey Jr fan. Everything the guy touches is gold, including a bat, a ball, and his Swingman brand.

Recently Griffey dressed up to match his Mariners rookie card for a cameo in Macklemore’s new video “Downtown”.¬†Incredible (the Griffey part, not the Macklemore video part)

A photo posted by @macklemore on

Remember Macklemore’s first “hit” song “My Oh My” (I use the term hit very very loosely here). It was about the Mariners of the 90s. Song actually still gives me goosebumps it’s pretty good. If you’re a solid baseball fan old enough to remember the Griffey, Randy Johnson, and Alex Rodriguez days, give it a listen.

In this new video I heard Ken Griffey Jr¬†just catches a fish and that’s about it. I honestly don’t know as I didn’t watch the video because along with the video is a Macklemore song. But, if you’re into that kinda thing, here’s the full music video