Kelly Johnson Returns to Mets

Kelly Johnson has returned to the Mets again.

Mets sign Kelly Johnson
CBS Sports

For the second time in the last two seasons, the Mets have acquired infielder Kelly Johnson. In a trade sending minor league arm Akeel Morris to the Braves, the Mets have again landed the veteran infielder. Trading an average minor league arm for an experienced infielder, the Mets will most likely be platooning Johnson with Flores at 3B while David Wright is in the midst of recovery.

This is not a surprising move as the Mets have recently acquired 1B James Loney, while Lucas Duda is on the DL. Some have been wondering why the Mets did not promote Dilson Herrera or T. J. Rivera and that is a valid question. Herrera is said to be ready to tackle the majors again and has some experience playing up with the big league club. Rivera has been absolutely demolishing minor pitching, as he is hitting .359, which is second in the PCL. These are two valid options but would require the Mets to move either of these young players or veteran 2B Neil Walker to 3B. Since Johnson already has experience at the position it seems like a very low risk move. Since it is still relatively early in the season the Mets have time to call up one of the young stars if they feel necessary.

Kelly Johnson can hopefully provide a spark to a team that is desperate for some run support. The talk of the team has always been the young staff and they have been pitching great to start the year. When your offense is the MLB worst in runs per game at 2.8 since May 12th, any new bat in the lineup can help. We can only hope that a journeyman that is familiar with the Mets system and helped them make a run to the World Series last year can help them again this year.