Justin Verlander Wants MLB to Do Something about Sign Stealing

Justin Verlander Stealing Signs

Justin Verlander has been on a HUGE sign stealing kick lately. You can almost tell when you watch him on the mound that he’s super shook, and borderline paranoid. Pitchers are weird, but Verlander still deals.

Kate Uptons mans is ready to take the sign stealing controversy to the next level, however, implying that MLB should step in and do something about it.

via TheScore

“It’s not about gamesmanship anymore. It used to be: ‘Hey, if you can get my signs, good for you.’ In the past, if a guy on second (base) was able to decipher it on a few pitches, I guess that was kind of part of the game,” Verlander said, according to Evan Woodberry of MLive. “I think it’s a different level now. It’s not good.”

Justin, I just don’t understand why it’s no longer “hey, if you can get my signs, good for you.”

Imagine being on second base, and playing through in your head the combination of Verlander’s signs that you were up all night studying so that you can tell your hitter that Kate Upton’s mans is coming with a fastball away on a 2-0 count. Then imagine going through all back up possibilities of how the signs could’ve changed when Verlander’s battery-mate comes to the mound to switch up the combinations.

You can consider me a fan of Verlander’s work, but that’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Also, what do we suggest MLB do? Set up a replay center in Boise, Idaho with investigators locked in on multiple TVs aimed at opposing base runners, bench, and coaches?