Upton Funk – Justin Upton Struggles at the Plate

Justin Upton
LAKELAND, FL - MARCH 04: Justin Upton #8 of the Detroit Tigers bats during the Spring Training game against the New York Yankees at Joker Marchant Stadium on March 4, 2016 in Lakeland, Florida. The Tigers defeated the Yankees 3-0. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The 2016 campaign for Justin Upton has been everything but nice.

In the 2015 off season, the Detroit Tigers signed the corner outfielder to a 6 year, $132 million contract. Tigers GM, Al Avila, had high hopes for this right handed hitter to have a big year batting either in front or behind Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez. So far in the season Justin Upton has struggled tremendously.

Seed Sack

Could it be his over aggressiveness at the plate? Posting a .223 average and recording 66 strikeouts through the first 43 games leads Tiger fans to believe that Justin is very uncomfortable hitting against American League pitching. Upton has opposing pitchers foaming at the mouth when he steps up to the plate. Scouting reports indicate that he swings at the first pitch more times than not. A first pitch high fastball tends to be the go to for pitchers, but when Justin Upton falls in the count, he tends to watch the last pitch leaving him with a backward K. However, in the last seven games Upton participated in, he posted a .315 average; showing signs of him adjusting in the batter’s box. Hope, dedication and hard work is not only what Detroit fans would like to see out of him, but also Justin wants to strive and win for himself as well. If the Tigers’ outfielder produces anything close to what they expected him to be at the beginning of the season, then Detroit has a chance to become another force in the Central Division.