Jung Ho Kang Is Being Investigated For Sexual Assault

Jung Ho Kang Sexual Assault

Per the Chicago Tribune, Jung Ho Kang is being investigated for sexual assault. Chicago Police are investigating the incident, which occurred when the Pirates were in Chicago last month. Kang apparently was using Bumble, (which is a weird move, I’m more of a Tinder guy myself) and matched with a woman who he then invited to his hotel. The woman told police that he served her an alcoholic beverage which made her feel woozy, and eventually led her to black out. She then “drifted in and out of consciousness as he sexually assaulted her”. The woman did not regain full consciousness until she was in a taxi ride home.

Huge, huge bummer to hear this news. Jung Ho Kang has not been charged, and his status with the Pirates hasn’t changed. These are serious allegations, however, and Kang could find himself in a lot of legal trouble if the Chicago police find him guilty. Any sort of assault against a woman is obviously despicable, but we need to keep in mind that these are only allegations as of right now. I don’t know why anybody would make this kind of stuff up, but  it does happen, and Kang shouldn’t be condemned until police complete their investigation. If he’s found guilty, suspend his ass without pay.